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Kreuz Consulting Group Services

Texas Teacher Incentive Allotment

We support Texas districts with the development and implementation of a TIA plan, including facilitating stakeholder engagement and guidance on measuring student growth including Value-Added Modeling, SLOs, etc. We will also complete your district's TIA application to TEA and support your district in compiling and analyzing data to submit to Texas Tech University.

Strategic Staffing

We will conduct an analysis of your district's organizational chart, including individual roles and responsibilities, and provide recommendations for improvements to increase a district's efficiency and effectiveness. We also conduct reviews of teacher leader roles and responsibilities and provide recommendations for improvements in order to improve effectiveness.

Training and Implementation Support

We provide training and implementation support to district and campus leaders who seek to improve components of their human capital management system. This includes improvements in talent acquisition processes, educator development and support systems, validity and reliability of educator evaluation systems and student growth measures.

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