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What is a Human Capital Management System?

A Human Capital Management System (HCMS) is a culmination of strategies, policies, and practices that manage talent for an organization to ensure success. An effective human capital management system includes components that are tailored to specific needs of an organization. We will work with your district to examine the current human capital strategies, policies, and practices to determine areas for enhancement. We will then guide your district through decision making to determine implementation goals.

Can you customize support to help us further our district goals?

In order to implement human capital initiatives effectively, they must be tailored to local needs. We have years of experience in assisting Texas school districts develop and implement customized and sustainable plans for ensuring human capital success. We want to ensure that the strategies that will be implemented will be effective for YOUR district. Everything we do is customized to fit the needs of your district.

Our district is struggling in a changing local educator marketplace. Can you help us stay competitive?

Yes, we can. The local economic markets have a tremendous impact on the public education system. Districts must stay apprised of the changing economic climate and make adaptations in order to stay competitive in the educator marketplace. We can help you examine the current situation and assist in developing a plan for ensuring that your district stays competitive in the local marketplace.

Can you help us take what we have in place and enhance it? We have a lot of the Human Capital Management System components in place, but they aren't operating as a system.

Absolutely. All school districts have some human capital management components in place. What makes this work effective is by tying together the individual components and creating a system. We can help you analyze the components you have in place and help you create a system for managing human capital to ensure that the district is recruiting, developing, and retaining top educator talent.

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